In -Year Admissions

Most school admissions take place when children start reception class or when they transfer from primary to secondary school at the age of 11.

In-year admissions take place outside the normal admission period. For example, children who have recently moved to the area and do not have a school place.

Applications for in-year transfers and admissions must be made through Pupil Services, who coordinate this process. To make an in-year application, please complete the relevant in-year common application form for nursery, primary and secondary schools.
If you have recently moved into the borough, part B will need to be completed by a senior member of school staff at your child’s current or most recent school attended. This is required if it is a UK state school (not including nursery applications). Please ensure you do this before you submit your In-Year Common application form.

Click here to visit the Tower Hamlets in-year admissions information and to access the forms:

Nursery In Year CAF’ form

Starting Primary School

In Year CAF’ form