Curriculum Overview

Welcome back to a new year at Ben Jonson. It has been wonderful welcoming all children into school and in their new classes. We spent the first few days 'establishing' expectations, routines and the relationships that we know will support learning in the coming year. 

You may recall that we launched our new Ben Jonson curriculum last year, so this year sees us develop this further.  The Ben Jonson Curriculum uses the National Curriculum  (2014) as the basis whilst also considering what is best for our children.

  • Our curriculum helps children prepare for secondary school and later life through developing the key skills, knowledge and understanding they will need to succeed.
  • We also aim to enable our learners understand how they can explore the wider world and contribute to society as adults.
  • Our curriculum uses a 'learning journey' which groups subjects together in a more meaningful and engaging manner.
  • Our redesigned Ben Jonson Curriculum considers the diversity of our community of learners, their interests and aspirations.
  • The totality of the experience of our children is at the heart of our curriculum and is what we hope makes learning here memorable.
  • Children will notice subjects are interconnected with learning linking across them and with reading playing a much more cross curricular role.
  • Our redesigned curriculum extends far beyond this to include aspects of learning that reflects the makeup of our school.
  • Ben Jonson is a proudly inclusive school serving a diverse community in the centre of London.
  • This not only includes a very strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills but computing, design and the expressive arts as well. We have developed a cohesive and connected curriculum so that these skills are supported by exciting and stimulating learning experiences.
  • This integrated and thematic approach is strengthened by the expertise and guidance of our specialist teachers in music, art, DT, dance and computing.

We are really excited to develop our new curriculum this year and look forward to seeing it in action and being driven by the values of being brave, kind and curious, ensuring all our children realise their potential.

Our well-equipped classrooms are supported by shared areas with excellent resources, which encourage confidence and independent learning. We promote a more open-ended enquiry based education, where pupils take a greater responsibility to independently learn, while getting the opportunity to work collaboratively in mixed ability settings. Our aim is to provide children with the prospect to develop into independent, autonomous and resourceful learners. As a school we are very concerned with the development of the whole child - academic, physical, social, emotional, moral, cultural and spiritual. Throughout the school, children are actively encouraged to develop and challenge themselves as learners; by offering activities for them to explore varying interests and develop skills in academic, artistic and athletic fields as we assist each pupil in reaching their full potential.

We recognise and capitalise on our unique location in the heart of London's old east end. The diverse school and local community provide a rich, varied and factual background to our curriculum and we incorporate and take frequent field trips to gain first-hand experiences. We recognise that not all students learn in the same way and structure our curriculum and lessons to meet these different needs. We are constantly updating and refining lessons and units of the curriculum, based on current research and best practice. Our mission is to empower children to grow and develop into responsible, ethical and caring individuals. 

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If you have any curriculum related queries please email or contact the school and ask to speak to the curriculum lead.

Curriculum Maps

These documents show details of the topics you can expect your child to cover in each year at Ben Jonson.

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