Ben Jonson (1572 - 1637) was an English dramatist and poet, whose classical learning and gift for satire made him one of the most significant figures of English literature.

The first Ben Jonson School opened its doors in 1873. The building housed infant, junior and senior schools. The building was destroyed after being bombed during the Second World War.

Johnson Street Board School, 1881 Ben Jonson, 1572 - 1637

In the years after the war the Ocean Estate was built and a new school named Ben Jonson, after its predecessor, was completed. This junior and infant school was opened in 1952 on a site on Harford Street.

In recent years the school has been refurbished with a brand new extension added to the building to provide pupils with superb facilities in specialist areas to support their learning.

Below are some photographs of Ben Jonson School taken back in 1961.