Specialist Teacher

Art Teacher & Religious Education Leader
Prenash Desai (Ash)

Home Learning Art

Summer term 2020:
Year 1 Y1 Yayoi Kusama      
Year 2 Y2 Hokusai
Year 3 Y3 Cave Art        Cave Art BBC
Year 4 Y4 Greek Artist Collage
Year 5 Y5 Geometry and Islamic Art
Year 6 Y6 William Morris Art Lesson








Year 1          Y1 Art Home Learning
Year 2 Y2 Art Home Learning
Year 3 Y3 Art Home Learning
Year 4 Y4 Art Home Learning
Year 5 Y5 Art Home Learning
Year 6 Y6 Art Home Learning








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Art Home Learning Edition One




Useful Information

Every year group will be taught Art for A half term, at least four times a year.

For the Autumn 2 half term the timetable is as follows:

Monday Planning, Preparation and Assessment

Year 4 Caspian Class

Mola Art from the Panamanian Kuna Tribe - Using a variety of media and learning techniques in order to respond to Panamanian art inspired by plant and animal life.

Tuesday Cover

Year 1 Torres Class

Exploring Mark Making to Provide a Starting Point in Art


Reception Yellow Class

Exploring Colour Theory - Primary and Secondary Colours

Year 6 Pacific Class

Creating a Self Portrait Inspired by Artist Pablo Picasso


Year 3 Baffin Class

Exploring the Visual Elements of Art Through Sketchbooks

Year 5 Flores Class

Inspired by Street Art, Graffiti and Typography

Friday Cover

Year 2 Caribbean Class

Out of Africa - Looking Art from West Africa

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