SEMH Provision at Ben Jonson

For some children with SEMH needs, specialist input and personalised approaches to emotional regulation are necessary to support access to mainstream schooling. For these children, in addition to a universal SEMH offer, they may require the support of our SEMH provision.  The support that is provided through the SEMH provision is detailed below.

SEMH Provision Offer:

  • SEMH specific staff such as SEMH TAs and SEMH HLTAs  
  • Reflective supervision groups for SEMH staff provided by our Educational Psychologists    
  • Tracking and monitoring paperwork such as Individual Behaviour Plans to hold SEMH targets         
  • Termly meetings with SEMH trained staff and parents to review targets and progress
  • Team Teach training for specialist staff
  • Specialist resources funded by LA input: counselling services, art therapy, social worker contact, CAMHS contact  
  • A personalised timetable which encompasses more out of school and alternative curriculum sessions 
  • Shared experiences and resources with Bowden House primary including joint trips

Values and approach across the SEMH provision:

  • Child’s individual needs and family’s views are at our centre: ‘The right school for every child, for that time’
  • A relational approach: No change or recovery from trauma can occur without the context of a stable, compassionate relationship
  • A recognition that there is a broad continuum of need under the umbrella of SEMH and resources to respond to said need must be precise, expert and reflective of the continuum
  • A recognition that needs change over time and the services must be reflective and responsive, rather than static. Provision should reflect an ambitious and hopeful attitude    
  • Children with SEMH needs should have access to a robust suite of assessment, and vigorous, challenging and personalised curriculum content
  • Work with children with SEMH needs should be transparent with a high level of accountability, monitoring, evaluation and constant reflection


Overview of entry process:



Overview of SEMH Provision overlap and autonom: