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Ben Jonson is an inclusive school. This means inclusion is, not only an add on to our provision, but an integral part of what makes the Ben Jonson community. We are proud to include and cater for a diverse range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in our school community. We believe that Quality First teaching is the best and most powerful tool we have to support those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities to reach their full potential and to participate fully in school life. Within this, good quality differentiation, sensory and physical adjustments and a range of additional evidence-based interventions are used to ensure all children are given equal opportunities and access in our school. We have a SEMH provision within our school which is unpinned and bolstered by our universal SEMH offer. You can read more about this in the section below and in our information report.

We are lucky to have a robust and multi-disciplinary Inclusion team to support a wide range of need in and out of the classroom. A more detailed explanation of roles and the structure of support can be seen in our SEND information report and an overview can be seen in the section below.

Special Education Needs and Disabilities

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 Children with Special Education Needs


SEND Policy 2024

SEN report

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SEN Local Offer

Ben Jonson School is an inclusive school which is always striving to be better. It offers a range of provision to support children with various SEND including: communication and interaction needs, learning difficulties, social, mental and emotional health difficulties and physical needs.

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