Specialist Teaching

At Ben Jonson we have specialist teachers to provide children with a more in-depth education in Art, DT and ICT as well as specially trained SEN staff.

Computing (formerly ICT)

Our exceptional ICT facilities at Ben Jonson allow our specialist ICT team to educate children in the latest computer technologies and computing skills that are essential in later life. We are very fortunate to have state of the art equipment including iPads, iMacs, laptops and software that can be used for film and audio editing as well as the standard Office software packages and 'control and modelling' robotic tools. With this in place we are fully enabled to deliver the new computing curriculum, which places emphasis on teaching children how computers work and the use of programming (coding), data, algorithms and networks.


The main focus and philosophy of art in our school is to ensure children gain confidence to express themselves through the visual arts and enjoy the subject in order to discover more about themselves and the world around them. This broadens their perception and understanding of the world, helping them look at the world around them more closely/differently (through observational sketching, looking at light/tone, flora and fauna etc). As well as developing hand/eye co-ordination and gross/fine motor skills, art can help children through cross curricular learning when combined with subjects such as PSHE, RE, Literacy, Numeracy and Science.


Children receive weekly Design and Technology lessons over the course of 2 six week half terms from Jenny, the DT specialist teacher. Over the course of a year children will take part in projects that cover 3 aspects of DT – Materials and Components; Structures and Mechanisms and Control. On projects children take part in the Design Process, researching the topic and looking at familiar products or finding users opinions; children then get creative developing their ideas; children get the opportunity to build models and prototypes of their ideas then plan how they will make their end product, selecting different materials and techniques; children then spend time making their final product and evaluate their work throughout the project.


We encourage enjoyment of music both for itself and as a tool for learning. Teachers throughout the school use sound and song to help students to learn across a range of subjects, from French and Spanish to Maths and Science. We are also extremely fortunate to have specialist teachers that help students to express themselves musically, be creative with sound and also to study a variety of instruments. George works with classes in every year group in a range of projects that explore performance, composition, rhythm and computer music. Video tutorials have been created and will be hosted on the school website under ‘Special Projects’ so that students can learn recorder (Key Stage 1) and guitar (Key Stage 2) both in class and independently. The school choir gives the opportunity to interested students to sing and perform (every half-term) a variety of songs. Teachers are also welcome to join.  


We are an inclusive school that caters for ALL children including those with special educational needs and/ or medical needs. We welcome and celebrate diversity and ensure all children receive an enriched education. We are fully equipped with two accessible toilets and have a lift and wide corridors for easy access. The inclusion team run specific interventions for children who need additional support, such as speech and language or the nurture group. We have strong links with outside agencies to support children such as Phoenix School, Stephen Hawkins and Cherry Trees. With a rising number of children needing additional support, staff are continuing to develop their own skills by attending professional training. Our aim is that ALL pupils have a happy and successful education. Please click below to download our SEN report for more information.