MFL is led by Mofsina

The main focus of MFL is to provide high quality language education that fosters pupils' curiosity and deepens their understanding of the world.  We aim to deliver fun, engaging lessons where pupils are given lots of opportunities to develop their skills to express their ideas and thoughts in our chosen language - Spanish - enabling us to contribute to the development of a more tolerant society.  From Year 3 to Year 6 there is a clear progression of skills which incorporates new learning while recapping on previous teaching helping to build a good foundation for further foreign language teaching at KS3.

All KS2 classes receive weekly Spanish lessons, planned and delivered by their own class teachers with the focus on learning to speak, listen to, read and write in the language. With lots of repetition and engaging games to help commit the learning to memory, Spanish lessons are always interactive and enjoyable.

Although it is only explicitly taught from years 3-6, we believe in introducing the pupils to the language as early as possible is best. So, you will often find pupils in EYFS and KS1 singing songs and learning the alphabet as well as other simple phrases.

Spanish - Termly Overviews

  MFL Units
  MFL Unit 1 About Myself
  MFL Unit 2 Family and Friends
  MFL Unit 3 Free Time
  MFL Unit 4 Likes and Dislikes
  MFL Unit 5 Telling the time and Favorite things

Assembly on European Day of Languages

We discussed the importance of learning another language and practised our Spanish speaking and listening skills.


Fun, interactive Spanish lessons in KS2


During summer 2019, we successfully applied for ERASMUS+ funding to enable staff members to participate in a special training programme. During October half term (2019), eight members of Ben Jonson staff attended Malaga Institute in Spain to develop their linguistic skills as well as their pedagogical understanding of teaching a language.  They also attended ten weeks training at the PDC (in UK) to support further development pf their skills.The second training programme is currently being planned for early next year (2022) where adults will have the opportunity to develop their skills in speaking, planning and delivering engaging Spanish lessons!

  Spanish Progression Map 2021


MFL Language Progression