We encourage enjoyment of music both for itself and as a tool for learning. Delivered by our specialist music teacher, George Tsiaousidis, our children receive high quality music sessions on a weekly basis at least for four half-terms. During these sessions they learn about vocal and instrumental performance, composition, improvisation, music appreciation and the theory of music. As part of our inclusive practice, sessions involve a great variety of resources and are carefully planned to include everyone in the music learning. Additionally to the music lessons in the classroom, children from Year 1 to Year 6 receive on a weekly basis singing sessions in phases. In the singing assemblies, our pupils are introduced to a wider and culturally diverse music repertoire.​

On our website and Youtube Channel (Click here) you will find a wide selection of music resources, such as nursery rhymes sung and recorded by our students, guitar/ukulele and percussion tutorials, as well as numerous live and recorded music performances, both by staff and pupils.

We also have a school choir which provides interested students the opportunity to sing and perform (every half-term) a variety of songs to a range of audiences. Children may also attend lunchtime and after-school clubs like the school band and the recorder club. This offers them the chance to take an instrument at home and participate in important school events such as Christmas Jumper Day and Red Nose Day. A carefully identified selection of students are offered 1:1 tuition of an instrument of their choice, as part of their preparation to the RGT and ABRSM exams. In our school, it is also vital that our staff are included in the music taking place and therefore there are opportunities for children to perform with the staff school band, as well as participate in collaborative projects with adults around the school.

What will our musicians be able to do when they leave us?

By the time our children leave Ben Jonson Primary School, we aim for our musicians to be able to perform a wide repertoire of songs and music pieces of different genres and cultures. Our students will have studied singing, as well as a selection of string, percussive and wind instruments, which will equip them with the skills and experience to study an instrument of their choice in secondary school. They will have also developed aural skills to pick tunes by ear, using various instruments. They will know how to channel their creativity to improvise or compose music, using their own aesthetic criteria. They will be musically literate to identify and read notes using traditional music notation, but will have also studied alternative types of notation that are very popular online, so that they can learn songs independently. Our children will be able to express language of opinion to both discuss music information and express appreciation. Finally, they will be experienced in various performance settings and events, from solo to large group performances, and share their musicianship within their class, the school and the wider community.

Music one pagers year overview 

Unit overview for music

An Autistic Dance

Do They Know it's Christmas - Band Aid

Music with George - In The Jungle

Music Clubs in Ben Jonson
  Day   Time   Club
 Tuesday   12:30-13:15  Choir (Year 3 upwards)
 Wednesday    15:45-16:30  Staff School Band
Thursday   15:45-16:30  After School Recorder Club 
Friday     12:30-13:00  UKS2 School Band

Music Opportunities outside Ben Jonson

Tower Hamlets Children’s Choir

Mondays, 4.30-5.30pm

Cayley Primary School, Ashton Street, E14 7NG

The choir is for children in years 3-6 who enjoy singing. Each session is fun and accessible, and we work towards exciting performances. There is also a Wednesday Music Centre for any primary-aged children who already play an instrument. Further info on this website: Click here

Wednesday Music Centre (WMC)

Wednesdays during term time, 4 - 6pm

Globe Primary School, Gawber St, Bethnal Green, London E2 0JH

The WMC is for primary school students in the early stages of instrumental learning. It provides an opportunity to make music with other students from across the borough. Students need to be receiving tuition on their instrument either in whole class or small groups at school, or individually at school or at home. Further info on this website: Click here


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