Maths is led by Ayesha and Ben

At Ben Jonson Primary School we believe that effective mathematics teaching enables children to be confident with all aspects of the subject. We strive to develop a positive approach to mathematics through our belief that all children can develop as mathematicians given the right opportunities and environment. We provide our children with an effective learning environment that promotes curiosity and enjoyment for maths. We encourage all children to value mistake making as this is a great opportunity to learn.We encourage children to use a range of mental methods for calculation, choose the most appropriate for a given problem and also to explain and justify their reasoning using appropriate mathematical vocabulary. We feel it paramount to develop children’s secure base of known facts that they can use and apply to calculations and problem solving

To support us in achieving the above, maths is taught daily at Ben Jonson Primary School using the White Rose Maths scheme and supplemented with resources such as Numicon and further problem-solving activities. We aim to teach children using the concrete, pictorial, abstract (CPA) model where learning is layers in this manner so that children use physical resources and visuals to thoroughly understand mathematical concepts before seeing the problem in the context of numbers and/or words. This allows our children to create a solid foundation on which new, complex learning can be built upon. Our calculation policy uses the CPA model to show the progression of written methods for the four operations. The National Curriculum emphasises the importance of teaching young mathematicians fluency (basic facts), reasoning and problem solving.

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 White Rose Maths: White Rose Maths | Free Maths Teaching Resources | CPD Training
 NRICH: NRICH - Mathematics Resources for Teachers, Parents and Students to Enrich Learning (

Multiplication Tables Check for Year 4: This is a statutory Times Tables test for Year 4 pupils in June. Children will have 25 Times Table questions to answer on an iPad in 5 minutes. Each question will be shown to the pupil for 6 seconds before moving on to the next question. Our recommended method in preparing for this test is using the ‘Soundcheck’ feature on Times Table Rockstars which replicates the Multiplication Tables check. Parent workshops for Year 4 will be held around December which will give parents/carers more information on how this test will be delivered.

Times Tables: Times Tables Rock Stars (

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