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At Ben Jonson we believe that all our children deserve the highest quality education. Through ‘quality first’ teaching, our children will learn to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and through their reading and listening, they will understand and evaluate the views of others.

We believe instilling a love of reading gives children a head start on expanding their vocabulary and building independence and self-confidence. It helps children learn to make sense not only of the world around them and their imagination but also people, building essential social-emotional skills.By exposing children to a range of  high quality texts in class and via our Ben Jonson Reading Canon, we aim to increase and improve their vocabulary beyond that which they hear or use in everyday speech.

Reading and writing is taught across the curriculum. In Early Years and Key Stage 1, all children receive daily phonics teaching using the Read Write Inc scheme. Children who finish the scheme and those in Key Stage 2, receive a daily Reciprocal Reading lesson using a shared text within the class. These lessons focus on developing children's skills in predicting, clarifying unknown words, questioning and summarising. Often the texts will link and support with other curriculum areas. In addition to formal teaching, all children enjoy a daily class story time together and are given a reading book to read at home. These are changed at least once a week. Children also have access to our well-stocked library and encouraged to access books from our Ben Jonson Reading Canon.

In addition to reading, all children receive a daily English lesson. Our English curriculum is designed to give children experience of writing in a wide range of common fiction, non-fiction and poetry genres. We use a phased approach. In phase 1, children investigate high quality examples of texts and 'read as a writer'. In phase 2, children are taught the skills of writing and given opportunities for practice with support and modelling from the teacher. In phase 3, children use their learning to create their own independent written piece. Often this will be published and shared.

We believe all the skills of English are essential to participating fully as a member of society. We aspire that all our children will learn to speak, read and write fluently and confidently so that they will be prepared for a future and have all the skills to succeed.

English - Termly Overviews

Autumn Term   Spring Term  Summer Term

Yr1A English Instructions

Yr1A English Poetry Senses

Yr1A English Recount

Yr1A English Traditional Tales Retell

Y1rA English Factual Recount

Y1S S Stories by the same author English Y1 Sumer non-chronological report English One Pagers

Y2A English Instructions Pirates

Y2A English Non-Chronological Reports Space

Y2A English Stories by the same author Space

Y2A English Stories set in imaginary worlds Pirates

Y2S Non-chronological reports English Y2 Summer Letter writing English

Y3A English Instructions

Y3A English Poetry Calligrams Kennings

Y3A English Stories with historical characters settings

Y3A English Stories with historical characters/settings

Y3S Non Chronological Report Ancient Egypt English Y3S Stories which raise issues or dilemmas Rainforests English

Y4A English Instructions Electricity

Y4A English Myths and Legends Ancient Greeks

Y4A English Poetry Beasts

Y4A English Recount Natural History Museum Trip

Y4S Recount/Retell Pompeii English Y4S Explanation Text – The Water CycleEnglish

Y5A English Non-Chronological Reports Space

Y5A English Persuasive Leaflet Space

Y5A English Stories from other cultures Arabian Nights

Y5Sp Biography Gandhi English Y5 Summer Diaries English

Y6A English Poetry Immigration

Y6A English Recount Immigration

Y6A English Report Immigration

Y6A English Stories with Issues and Dilemmas

Y6Sp Biographies English Y6SU Non-chronological report English

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English Curriculum Overview 2021

English Progression Overview with NC Objectives 2021