Design and Technology is led by Jenny

Children receive weekly Design and Technology lessons over the course of 2 six week half terms from Jenny, the DT specialist teacher. Over the course of a year children will take part in design, make and evaluate units that cover many aspects of DT including textiles; food and nutrition; structures; electronics and resistant materials, aiming to make a useful and usable product at the end of the unit. Children do this by take part in the design process, researching and looking at familiar products or finding users opinions; children then get creative developing their ideas through drawings and often get the opportunity to build models and prototypes of their ideas, then they plan how they will make their end product, selecting different materials and techniques; children then spend time making their final product working hard to make a high-quality finished outcome. Throughout the unit there are opportunities for children to evaluate as they go along enabling them to adapt and improve their work. Where possible DT projects are linked with other curriculum areas and topics, so children are often making outcomes which match their learning with class teachers in other areas of the curriculum.


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Project 1

Project 2


Structures and Building in 3D

Working with tools, scissor skills

Year 1

Food and nutrition

Fruit Kebabs for the very hungry caterpillar

Resistant Materials

Fridge Magnets

Year 2


Wheels and Axels, Moon Buggy for the Man on the Moon


Hand Puppets

Year 3


Stone and Iron Age forts

Food and Nutrition

Sandwiches for the Rainforest Cafe

DT - Termly Overviews

Autumn Term   Spring Term  Summer Term
Year One Caterpillar Kebabs   Year One Caterpillar Kebabs   Year One Fridge Magnets
Year Two Vehicles   Year Two Vehicles Year Two Puppets
Year Three Stone and Iron Age Forts Year Three Chocolate Boxes Year Three Sandwiches
Year Four Torches   Year Four Torches Year Four Tote Bags 
Year Five Moving Toys   Year Five Structures and Bridges Year Five WW2 Ration Bread
Year Six Baby Sensory Book Year Six Baby Vests Year Six Dragon Cars


DT Progression Map